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What Kinds Of Things Ought You To Write About?

Because Oblive.Co.Uk  is a social listening and media monitoring tool, the subjects covered on our blog center on digital marketing in its entirety, with a significant emphasis placed on social media and trends. Please take the time to read some of our older blogs so that you can have a better sense of the topics that we cover.

Our Audience

Oblive.Co.Uk  is a global community of more than 750 thousand marketers and communicators as its users, with a primary focus on digital marketing agencies and departments of mid-sized digital marketing companies. In addition, anyone who is interested in gaining insights and best practices on social media, media monitoring, and digital marketing may find them on our blog.

Writing Guidelines

  • Creating written material that offers helpful hints, resources, and techniques for our audience members to put into practice.
  • Suggestions for the readers that they may immediately put to use after finishing the book.
  • Present distinctive points of view on matters that are regarded as being covered to excess in the same way as social media does.

Standards For Publication

The following are some prerequisites that your article has to fulfill before it can be considered for publication:

  • Your post must be submitted only using Google Documents.
  • We can accept essays longer than 500 words
  • The essay must be unique, written just for our website, and contain no instances of plagiarism in any form.
  • The essay needs to be instructive while also being useful. You are welcome to inject some comedy into the piece, provided that it is done politely.
  • You should demonstrate all of the arguments you make by using data that are both recent and sourced; is an excellent place to begin. In this day and age of false news, everything must be sourced and supported with facts and statistics.
  • Include citations for any quotes, statistics, photos, or anything from a third party that you utilize.
  • Provide concrete and illustrative examples to back up every one of your claims.

Visual Requirements

  • Illustrate each example using screenshots, videos, postings from social media, etc.
  • At least three different graphic components should be included in your draft.
  • We ask that you not make use of any stock photographs.

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